Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.

Leonardo da Vinci

Customer Care

Taking care of the customer for Tecnofirma means paying attention to details. This is because it is from the details that one can understand the perfection of quality. Quality is something we can touch and feel, but it is more than just sheet metal or automated processes. Quality means warm and kind people answering your calls, providing you with accurate references and data in a timely fashion, doing all these with competence and skill, commitment and empathy with the customer.

A Tecnofirma machine contains all 100% of the team efforts to provide the most efficient system and quality to the customer.





4.0 Industry: Tecnofirma is ready!

Tecnofirma at Coiltech 2018

An occasion to present our news about impregnation

Tecnofirma is there!

Also this year we will join Berlin Exhibition

Imts 2018

Imts 2018

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