We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.


THE COMPANY Our history

1949 The Italian company Roto Finish was established in Italy with the aim of introducing in the domestic market the mass deburring and cleaning processes employed by Roto Finish in Kalamazoo Mich., USA.

1960 In the 1960s the production program expanded by adding washing, pickling and phosphating of metals to the technique of deburring already in use: the Equipment Division was born and Roto Finish changed its name to Tecnofinish.

1965 Tecnofinish developed the first water-based spray degreasing plant to remove cleaning paste, eliminating the use of solvent.

1970 The Equipment Division launched production of the first automatic powder coating line including pre-treatment with water-based detergents.

1985 The Division became independent: Tecnofirma SpA was the result of a business unit spin-off. The company increased its primary focus on cleaning and industrial coating.

1992 Tecnofirma SpA was awarded the UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification. This was truly a milestone for us as we were the first company in Italy to receive this recognition in the Plant and Machinery for Surface Treatment field.

1990-'99 In order to satisfy the global market needs with the energy required to maintain a leading position, Tecnofirma broadened its horizons with a policy of acquisitions and investments in companies operating in the same field.

1998 The acquisition policy developed over the last decade acquired a clear, well-defined shape: the holding TT Tecnofirma Team was established, and it included a group of companies that together offered surface treatments for each type of material, from plastic to metal, from wood to paper.

1999 We introduced the first carbon dioxide washing plant in the world. The plant was licensed in the US but designed in Italy.
This was the most recent and significant achievement by Tecnofirma in the study of environment-friendly solutions for the protection of people, animals and environment.

2000 The Tecnofirma staff was further enhanced by the arrival of a team of technicians from the automotive coating industry. Tecnofirma introduced on the market the first robotic washers with high pressure deburring (500-700 bars).

2002 Tecnofirma manufactured the first Flow coating plants for painting car headlights and parabolas with IR/UV polymerisation.

2003 Tecnofirma launched on the market the first impregnation machines for resin coating of electric motors.

2004 Anima (Federation of National Associations of Mechanical and Engineering) awarded Tecnofirma with the certificate of merit with a gold medal for its constant production achievements in Italy and abroad.

2005 Mechanical deburring with automatic tool changeability was added to our high pressure washer applications.

2008 Tecnofirma was awarded a major work order as the Main Contractor for the painting process of large commercial earth moving company.
In the same year, we developed a complete line of equipment for the impregnation of electrical motor windings with our new Trickling and Roll Dip technologies.

2011 A new company of the Group Tecnofirma Team (TT), ready to face the eastern world with technology Made in Italy, opened in the District of Shun Yi China. This new company was called Diamond Beijing Machinery Equipment Co Ltd.

2011 Tecnofirma develops the first impregnation line for mass production of electric motors for PHEV and HEV.

2012 Tecnofirma manufactured the most advanced robotic washers for the most renowned automotive manufacturers in the world.

2014-2016 Tecnofirma supplies washing lines for all new Italian-made engines intended for re-launching the PREMIUM automotive sector.
2016 A new-concept impregnation system for engines in new electric cars (hybrid, plug-in hybrid, full electric).

2016 Tecnofirma manufactured The first spray painting plant for both inside and outside radars with hot air and IR/UV polymerization.
2017 Tecnofirma is ready to take on the market of systems that adopt the principles of Industry 4.0. An example of this is the recent construction in South America of a hard coating system for automotive lenses: the client can monitor its production and process data through a Tecnofirma supervision programme.

2018 We meet e-mobility world with impregnation and coating lines.

2018 The first plant with high productivity of brushing/cleaning/painting for the reflectors of automobile projectors with UV polymerization was developed.

2020 Tecnofirma becomes partner of three Chinese most important automotive industries for the furniture of impregnation equipments for hairpin electric motor for PHEV applications.

2021 Tecnofirma Deutschland GmbH is born: the company of the TT Group founded to meet the needs of the German market.

2022 Tecnofirma America is born: a company created to follow the US, Canadian and Mexican markets (USMCA) more closely





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