At the end of December 2023, new legislation on whistleblowing went into effect.
Whistleblowing is a new corporate compliance tool through which a company's employees and contractors or third parties (e.g., a supplier or customer) can confidentially and securely report any wrongdoing they encounter during their activities.
Whistleblower in English means "whistle blower": the term is a metaphor for the role of a referee or policeman taken on by those who call out and demand attention to impermissible, i.e., illegal, activities so that they can be stopped.
The "whistleblower" (whistleblower or reporter) is thus a person working in a company (public or private) who decides to report a wrongdoing, fraud or danger that he or she has detected during his or her work activity (or, in the case of a client, during his or her experience as a client of a company). Through whistleblowing and using specific internal communication channels, workers or third parties in an organization (public or private) can report unlawful or fraudulent conduct of which they have become aware, while maintaining anonymity.

Here available is the Tecnofirma regulation with our response to the new legislation, which guarantees everyone the security of anonymity of any reports through an external platform.

The dedicated platform for reporting can be reached here: tecnofirma.com/whistleblowing





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