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14 September 2022

Symposium on Epoxy Resins in Electrical Engineering - 28 and 29 September 2022

On September 29, Tecnofirma Deutschland GmbH will participate in the "Symposium on epoxy resins", which is explicitly dedicated to the topic of epoxy in electromobility. Tecnofirma Germany Director Omid Armaghan will present the key factors of hairpin stator impregnation.

Epoxy resin in medium voltage and electromobility
As early as the end of the 1940s, epoxy resins were used in electrotechnical applications. Since then, they have found their way into many areas of electrical engineering and their importance has grown considerably. Due to their excellent profile, epoxy resins can perform a variety of tasks that serve as insulation materials, structural parts or as protection against negative influencing factors from the outside. Later, polyurethanes were developed, which are mainly used as potting compounds for electronic devices.

The first day of the symposium will focus mainly on the topic of the insulating properties of epoxy resins. The focus is on the new challenges arising from the current requirements for the sustainability of the energy supply: The extended requirements result from the increasing frequency of new technologies and from the change of insulating gases. The consequences of switching from networks to smart grids to components are presented. The new developments are aimed at the replacement of oil distribution transformers and the design of high-voltage overhead lines. Insights into the production of electric motors and their die-casting and milling technologies lead to the second focus of the conference "Electromobility".

On the second day of the symposium, the focus will be on new developments in e-mobility. New requirements for epoxy resin are explained, such as high thermal conductivity, thermal circulation behavior, combined with fast casting and impregnation processes. Various material approachesare shown as well as developments in processing technology. Main applications such as motors and high-temperature electronics are discussed. In addition to the lectures, the symposium offers a meeting platform for utilities, research institutes, users and suppliers. This tradition is continued and supported by additional activities.
• State of development of resin systems, new developments
• Process of production of training documents
• Electrical, dielectric, thermal, rheological and aging properties
• Experience in electrotechnical application, accompanied by a poster exhibition

• Chemistry and physics of electrical insulation with epoxy resins
• Conversion of energy supply through sustainability requirements
• New insulation requirements for medium and high voltage components
• Introduction to impregnation systems and technologies
• Typical insulation and impregnation processes (potting, ADG, impregnation, trickling)
• Options for insulation and manufacture of automotive electric motors
• Thermal management in motor insulation
• Challenges for the production of fuel cells

Details of the Tecnofirma intervention
When: September 29, 2022, 11:40 am EDT
Where: The lecture will take place together at the TAE in Ostfildern near Stuttgart, but the entire event will also be broadcast online
Moderation: Omid Armaghan, Managing Director of Tecnofirma Deutschland GmbH
Language: German

Registration fee
780,00 € (incl. tax) Conference lecture and catering
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