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26 February 2021

Tecnofirma Deutschland GmbH is born. Interview with Omid, Director of the German company.

Tecnofirma, inaugurates 2021 with its presence in Germany. We met Omid Armaghan, director of the new company which is based in Bergisch Gladbach (Cologne).

How was the first approach with Tecnofirma?

It is since I entered in the washing and HP deburring machine field, 12 years ago, that I know Tecnofirma and I respected always their quality and their deep knowledge about the process. For sure in Germany TF was not so present but I have often met them in the international field of automotive.

Why the decision to open a company in Germany in a difficult time like this one?
In my opinion this is the right moment to invest in Germany. We are at the beginning of another industrial revolution in term of our mobility which is a huge portion of German market. All the Big player in the automotive sector understood that the ICE (internal combustion engine) couldn’t be the future of our mobility problems and they start to invest in manufacturing of EV (electrical vehicles) and hybrid technologies. For sure we will have with our Impregnation technologies a good chance to support the customers in this field and also, with our Washing and HP deburring, we will serve the standard customers in ICE field.
Even if we are in a challenging time, and even if we are a new player for some of the German customers, I am pretty sure that we will have successful years in front of us.
Furthermore, the pandemic has made human relationships difficult due to the restriction of transfers and in this way Tecnofirma facilitates customers to have a direct contact.

How is German market?
Germany is defined an Autoland: automotive sector accounts for 12% of BIP (PIL) and with downstream producers it reaches 36 %.
It is a highly demanding sector and typically the German manufacturer prefers to work with companies rooted in the territory.

What are the most interesting types of Tecnofirma systems for the German market?
I believe due to the development in field of EV and Hybrid technology, we will have a huge potential thanks to our know-how both in Washing and Impregnation. Our experience in this field will have a great value to meet customer needs.





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