Coating Systems and Equipment Electrophoresis

Coating Machine Electrophoresis

It is distinguished in anaphoresis and cataphoresis depending on whether the manufactured article is to be treated as the anode or cathode. It is a low environmental impact immersion process in which the adhesion of the particles of water-based paint on the part occurs due to electric effect.

The part to be treated attracts the paint by working like an electrode. The electrophoresis allows penetration and a total coverage of slots and hollow areas with uniform thickness ensuring excellent corrosion resistance and it can be adjusted depending on the thickness of the electrodeposited material.
This process is required in the automotive industry as a primer on metal sheets (from the body to the individual car components), and whenever there is a demand for high corrosion resistance, as well as a single finishing coat.

Parts treated

Components for the automotive, agricultural and earth moving industries, furniture, household appliances, compressors for refrigerators, general industry, trains, buses, trucks, lighting, pumps and valves, heating/air conditioning, hoisting and transportation equipment

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