Coating Systems and equipment Liquid spray

Coating Machine liquid spray

It is still one of the most common processes, both for painting metal and plastic, thanks to its versatility in application. Liquid spray painting can be applied manually or in an automated way with the help of 1- or 2-axis manipulators and/or anthropomorphic robots. Overspray reduction is achieved either via water curtain (wet booth) or with filtering sections (dry booth). Water-based environmentally friendly paints are being used increasingly more often than traditional solvent-based paints that require further VOC abatement.

Parts treated

Furniture, cars, household goods, compressors for refrigerators, appliances, electrical materials and components, trains, buses, trucks, foundry equipment, lighting, general industry, agricultural machinery and construction equipment, textile machinery and other machines, pumps and valves, heating, air conditioning, hoisting and transportation equipment.

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