Impregnation Potting and Dispensing: Methods, Machines and Applications

Dispensing, in industry and production contexts, represents an impregnation and encapsulation process with the aim of applying resins in the windings of electrical and electronic components. This technology is used in a vast range of sectors, but it is in the automotive industry where Tecnofirma has invested, and continues to invest, in research and development of specific solutions designed to give the treated piece extremely high-quality standards.

Dispensing main target is guaranteeing the correct dispensing of the resins, for the vast majority two-component epoxy products with a medium-high concentration of mineral fillers, which can provide insulation, ensuring very high heat exchange values and a reduced motor operating temperature. This process can be carried out manually or automatically, using sophisticated technologies capable of homogenizing the resins appropriately, keeping them at the correct temperature and completing the dispensing phase by means of very high precision pumping systems capable of proportioning component A and B into the mixer.

Dispensing technologies can vary according to application needs. It can be used: gear pumps, screw pumps, piston dosing systems, pneumatic or vacuum systems; all of them programmable both for the management of extremely precise dosages and both for weighing to the decimal gram.

Atmospheric pressure Dispensing (Resin Casting) and Vacuum Potting

Both processes require a phase of preparation and mixing of the products. Usually, the resins are made up of an element "A" and an element "B" which must be mixed together in suitable catalysis ratios (100:1 / 100:100) in order to activate the solidification reaction which can take place at room temperature or through heat input at low temperature (50-70°C). Resins with different concentrations of mineral fillers are available on the market, reaching significant densities of 2.5-2.8 kg/dm3; in these cases, the resins cannot be applied at atmospheric pressure but in a vacuum environment, inside sealed chambers.

Tecnofirma has recently developed two different machines for each process.

Vacuum Pressure Dispensing Machine, Impregnation

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Atmospheric Pressure Dispensing Machine, Impregnation

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