Potting and Dispensing Vacuum Pressure Dispensing Machine

The Vacuum Potting Machine is the ideal machine for insulating electrical and/or electronic components and/or sensitive objects, giving the parts not only excellent insulation but also the guarantee of mechanical seal and excellent heat exchange during the functioning.

The Potting machine consists of two parts: one for feeding and preparing the products and the other for mixing and vacuum distribution. The preparation part includes two local tanks fed by commercial drums, where the products are shacked to homogenize the content (mineral fillers), degassed to remove air and kept at the right temperature through thermoregulation. These tanks feed two piston pumps which dose the materials in the right mixing ratio, adjustable via PLC. The mixing takes place via a static or dynamic mixer, chosen according to the product and project specifications.

The application takes place in a sealed chamber, where the programmed vacuum is reached one or more times during the cycle, facilitating the penetration of the resin into the electric windings of the motors.

In both cases of Potting, on Stators and on Rotors, customized molds are necessary to contain the dispensed products during the process, guaranteeing strict compliance with the original (millesimal) dimensions of the components.

Parts are placed on pallets specifically designed to contain one or more of them. Loading can be manual or automatic in the case of high-volume lines. Parts are placed on pallets specifically designed to contain one or more of them. This line is provided with a pre-heating (if the resin requires it), curing ovens and cooling system and in some cases a surface plasma treatment system.

Parts treated

Stators / rotors powertrain, Brushless Stators / rotors, high power transformers, ignition coils, electromagnetic brakes, electronic boards

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