Potting and Dispensing Atmospheric Pressure Dispensing Machine

The Dispensing Machine at atmospheric pressure is the machine developed for a less specific use, for all those products that do not require the aid of negative pressure to push the product into critical areas. The application in this case takes place at room pressure.

The machine consists of a product feeding-preparation area and a mixing and dispensing area at atmospheric pressure.

The preparation area is positioned next to the application chamber, and it is composed by two utility tanks with variable capacity which are fed by the commercial drums. The products are kept agitated to avoid sedimentation of the product filler, they are continuously degassed and kept at the right operating temperature by a thermoregulation system.
These 2 tanks feed the 2 eccentric screw proportioning pumps which have the task of dosing the quantity in the right mixing ratio. The ratio is variable and can be set by PLC.

The mixing is carried out in a static or dynamic mixer depending on characteristics of the products and the technical solution chosen in the design phase. The system is designed to work with all types of resins such as epoxies, polyurethanes, silicones and even the most abrasive ones.

The dispensing process takes place at room pressure; the proportioning and dosing group is installed on a 3-axis interpolated gantry system (x,y,z) or on robot wrist, customized on the project need.
Parts are placed on pallets specifically designed to contain one or more of them. This line is provided with a pre-heating (if the resin requires it), curing ovens and cooling system and in some cases a surface plasma treatment system.

Parts treated

Batteries, rotors, stators, sensors, electronic board, led, power electronics, inverter

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