Impregnation Hairpin Technology

Flexible Trickling

Due to the complexity of the Hairpin motor, an unconventional impregnation process is required. Tecnofirma has developed a Trickling application technology allowing extreme flexibility of all the operating parameters during each phase of the process (e.g. resin flow rate, rotation speed, rotation direction, inclination angle, temperatures and timing).

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Protection for welding joints on Hairpin motors

In Harpin and Ipin stators, an additional surface treatment is essential, in particular the application of specific products on welding joints.
The purpose of the treatment is to restore the electrical insulation against the stripping and the welding of copper bars and to increase the resistance over time to mechanical stress and thermal stress.
The target can be achieved through two different processes.

Powder Coating

Consolidated process for the optimal coating of welds, consisting in the application of epoxy powders.
These powders have the ability to distribute themselves homogeneously on the surface, guaranteeing excellent levels of electrical and mechanical resistance.

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Gel Coating

Alternative process to Powder Coating for the protection of welding joints, through the applications of mono or bi-components liquid products, with different methodologies according to specific needs. The most used methods are trickling and dispensing.

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