The Trickling Impregnation method is regarded as the most effective system for impregnating electrical windings. The resin is applied by dripping, keeping the stator rotating and positioning the product in specific points where is needed. The result is a perfectly impregnated winding without contamination of packed surfaces.

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Roll Dip

The Roll Dip varnishing technology is indicated both for winding stators and for rotors. The parts are rotated inside resin tanks. The immersion level of the winding can be managed, in order to improve the post-cleaning process.
This Impregnation method guarantees good saturation levels through a simple process management.

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Cold Dipping

The Cold Dipping impregnation method is the one for which the stator is immersed at room temperature in a tank and subsequently polymerized in the oven. It is commonly used for electric motors, generators and transformers, thanks to its simplicity of use and its extreme flexibility.

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Hot Dipping

The Hot Dippingimpregnation method requires a pre-heating of the part before the immersion in the tank.

Thanks to this additional step in the process, you can use resins with higher viscosity and therefore achieve higher slot saturation level.

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Joule Dipping

During the entire thermal process, electric current is supplied to the motors.
The temperature is managed through a special control system. The possibility of keeping the stators warm during the immersion process and having rapid gelation allows a very high level of saturation.

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