Hydrokinetik Washing Machine

Multi Wash Big Parts

Particolare del nostro prodotto Particolare del nostro prodotto Particolare del nostro prodotto

Ideal for cleaning large, complex parts, the "elder sister" of the line features MW hydrokinetic washing efficiency but on a larger scale. Spray washing, immersion washing with pieces in constant rotation with a design intended to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the treatment. Is’ the ideal solution for precision cleaning of mechanical parts for agricultural machinery, construction equipment and trucks.

Parts treated

Parts to be placed on special pallets: gearboxes for agricultural machines, earth moving equipment, large displacement engines.

Cycle time

  • Up to 10 minutes per basket (standard is from 10 to 15 minutes)

Standard processes

  • Spray washing
  • Immersion washing
  • Drying air recirculation

Optional processes

  • Rinsing
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