Complementary process for the protection of the Hairpin welded zones

Powder coating process represents the best technology for the protection of the welding joints on I-pin and hairpin stators for medium and high voltage stators.
The purpose of the treatment is to restore the electrical insulation after the stripping and the welding of copper bars and to increase the resistance over time to mechanical, thermal and environmental stress.
The powder coating technology can be integrated into a low or high-volume impregnation plant but it can be also manufactured as a stand-alone machine that treats only the weld-coating process. By combining the processes, a considerable energy savings can be achieved.
The powder coating process is completely automatic, and it is carried out by dipping the stator, using a robot or a Pick&Place system, in a tank containing a fluidized bed of powder.
A protective mask can be applied, before the immersion phase, to those spots that do not need to be covered by powder; the masking operations can be done manually or automatically.
Tecnofirma solution is designed to be environmentally friendly and to guarantee the highest level of safety for the operator.

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