The Modular machine is the latest model in the Tecnofirma impregnation range and was developed to meet the demands of the e-mobility market.
It combines all the best features available today for impregnation in a single machine: modularity, production efficiency, scalability, process flexibility.

Modularity is the key element of the machine. In fact, it has been conceived as a standalone Module consisting of two side-by-side ovens which are equipped with rotating chucks for stators support, and all the mechanical stuff for the functioning of the module itself. The two ovens share a system of axes on which are installed the pumps dosing and application resin group for the Trickling process.

Production efficiency
This feature allows extreme efficiency, with the possibility of working in parallel on two ovens by combining two different processes: Impregnation and Gellification. While the impregnation process takes place on one oven (the rotating chucks leave the oven and move forward to facilitate access to nozzles), the gelling of the just completed impregnation takes place on the other.

Based on a specific production need, it is possible to place several modules side by side in parallel and managing the loading-unloading phases through high-level automation with an anthropomorphic robot mounted on a motorized slide. This concept creates e a high-volume production impregnation line.

In terms of process, the Modular line is very flexible because it allows you to process pieces with very different measures, from each other, simply by changing the parameters of the impregnation recipe, since the entire process is carried out inside the same cell (MODULE).

The MODULE can be supplied in different sizes and can contain from 3 to 6 chucks per oven.
The chucks can be expansion type, radial opening (flower design) or with OD clamping.
The solution has been protected with three patents relating to the modular architecture, the “Flower Design chuck” and the OD clamping.

Parts treated

Stators, rotors


Flexible Trickling

Powder Coating

Gel Coating

Available processes

  • Preheating
  • Impregnation
  • Gelification
  • Polymerization
  • Cooling
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