Recirculating positioned washing

Step by step ratchet type

Particolare del nostro prodotto Particolare del nostro prodotto

The ratchet handling washing plant works with the parts on the specific pallet (or part holders) or directly on sliding guides. The step by step handling, including the possibility to tilt the parts during the washing & blowing operations, makes this solution suitable for treating parts with a complex geometry.

Parts treated

Cylinder heads, crankcases, transmission shafts, gear boxes, valve casings, crankcase panels, protection casings with complex geometry, suspension arms

Cycle time

  • Up to 40 sec/part (standard from 40 sec to 2 minutes/part)

Standard processes

  • Washing
  • Compressed air blowing
  • Recirculated air drying

Optional processes

  • Vacuum drying
  • Conditioning
  • Pallet tilting
  • Moving ramps
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